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Why Hire a irs tax attorney

When the IRS is coming after you for missed filings, late payments, or other discrepancies in your taxes, what do you do? Many people feel as if they have no choice but to do what the IRS says. And, if they threaten to garnish wages or otherwise come after your business, what would you do? More often than not, you do have rights, and you do not have to bow down to the IRS and other tax agencies. With the help of an IRS tax attorney, not only will you learn what your options are, but also avoid giving in to the IRS who is trying to bully you to make payments, rather than settle. 

You don’t have to pay the full amount

Yes, you do have to file taxes annually. And, if you owe the IRS, you do have to make that payment. With this being said, if you haven’t made payments in a few years, or do not have the ability to pay the full amount owed, you do have options. You can

  • Set up a payment plan with the IRS for very low interest
  • Pay a very low amount monthly
  • Avoid garnishments, workout a settlement for a lower total rate owed if you pay in full 

With an IRS tax attorney, not only are you going to learn what your options are, but you can avoid answering to the IRS’s threats if they are making any. 

Let your attorneys do the talking

Whether the IRS or other state/federal agencies are coming after you for unpaid taxes, you do have options as a taxpayer. Especially if you do not have the means to pay the entire tax bill that you owe, if you have not filed for several years or failed to properly report your earnings for any tax year as a business or as an individual filer. 

Do not respond to the IRS directly as they are going to try to make you pay up front. Instead, contact the top IRS tax attorney to work with you and work on your side. With the right team in place, your rights will be preserved as a taxpayer. Furthermore, you are going to find that there is more than one option to settle, reduce your total tax liability, and to avoid hefty fines that the IRS is claiming they are going to levy on you for unpaid taxes from previous filing years. … Read the rest

do I need to worry about map pricing when selling on My Business Site

Developing and enforcing a minimum advertised price, or MAP, is essential if you have even a single authorized seller working on your company’s behalf. MAP protects your brand and ensures that all authorized sellers are operating on a level playing field. MAP pricing enforcement can be challenging for some businesses, but you may succeed in this critical area by walking through these steps.

Develop and Effective MAP Policy

Before you can enforce your company’s pricing requirements, you must clearly define your pricing policy. Your MAP policy should include indicating firm pricing requirements that you expect all sellers to follow. The policy should be drafted without ambiguous or confusing wording. In many cases, short and direct policy works well. You may need to periodically update your MAP policy in the months ahead if you discover that your authorized sellers are confused about the terms or are taking advantage of loopholes.

Communicate Your Policies

Your MAP policy should be communicated directly to authorized sellers as soon as possible. Any time your MAP policies change, updates should be conveyed promptly. Understand that this is not a contract that they need to sign. Instead, it establishes guidelines that sellers must follow in order to continue doing business with you. You simply indicate what your policies are, and you expect compliance.

Announce and Enforce Penalties

As is the case with any rules, you will need to strictly enforce them in order to ensure maximum compliance. After all, if your sellers see that you are soft on enforcing the rules, they may be inclined to push the limits themselves. Specify penalties for non-compliance, and swiftly apply those penalties when necessary. While it is appropriate to give sellers a warning that they are in violation of MAP policies, you should avoid giving too many warnings. Sellers should understand that there are severe ramifications for non-compliance.

Find a Regular and Effective Monitoring Method

Your sellers are generally aware of some of their competitors’ prices. They can feel incredible pressure when others are not complying with your MAP policy. However, you may struggle to monitor pricing for all authorized and unauthorized sellers. Keep in mind that this involves identifying all sellers as well as actively reviewing their websites for price adjustments. Advanced technologies are available to help you monitor pricing, and it can also be used to send an initial violation notice automatically. This can dramatically reduce the time burden associated with MAP policy enforcement.

Your company’s MAP policy plays a critical role in your ability to protect your brand, stabilize the minimum price of your goods and ensure that your authorized sellers remain satisfied with your company. Utilize these effective tips to work toward maximum policy compliance with strict MAP pricing enforcement.
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Make Sure That You Are College Ready and hire a college consultant

All types of consultants serve a crucial role in our daily lives, whether it’s in areas of travel, business, educational, and even personal matters. Consultants have a lot of experience in areas relating to their subject matter; they can easily solve any problems put before them.

As a parent, an educational consultant assist you in making educational decisions when you want to gather information on your children’s schools and college programs. This ensures you make informed college admission decisions regarding their placement. Practically, a college admissions consulting specialist supports students whenever they are faced with competitive situations.

1.  Helps Students Choose the Right Courses

After students have completed their schooling, it’s vital that they pursue the right courses-there dream courses. However, this is not always easy since most challenges set in during the time of admission. For instance, it’s not a must that your child takes up an engineering course because his/her friends have done so. A college admission consultant helps you choose the right path in the right way throughout your admission process.

2.  Saves You Money

Nowadays, most parents are looking for ways to bargain their children’s higher education. In almost all parts of the world, the largest source of scholarship money and financial aid are colleges and universities. Most colleges award students that match their institutional priorities and values better scholarships and financial aid packages compared to those that don’t meet their standards. To save money, families need to hire college admission specialists in order to reduce their overall cost of college education

3.  Give Your Child A Competitive Edge

Each year, college admission seems to become more and more competitive. This is because more students are applying to join these colleges while the acceptance rate continues to decline or remain the same (In some institutions). Educational consultants help students select the right courses and colleges, thus giving them a competitive over others. 

4. Offers Personalized Attention

Although the admission process may seem something quite simple, it necessitates the use of different tactics and strategies in the selection process. A college admissions consulting specialist offer students personalized counseling and guidance based on their college and course preferences. 

Research done by the IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) estimates that in a four-year college, over 20% of freshmen have used consulting services in their admission processes.… Read the rest