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Ultimate Goal: To return wildlife (including human) to its proper status by RESTORING ITS WILDNESS.


By the year 2050...
to pencil in potential wilderness reserves to be located on every continent and in every climate zone... to define the final outer boundaries* of these reserves... and to begin absorbing and dismantling developed land within those boundaries.

*The new wilderness reserves of the world should total no less than one million square miles (an area the size of Argentina). This is an arbitrary figure chosen merely as a starting point for discussion.

By the year 2100...
to have achieved roughly 15% of each reserve's full size.

By the year 2150...
to have achieved roughly 35% of each reserve's full size.

By the year 2200...
to have achieved roughly 65% of each reserve's full size.

By the year 2250...
to have achieved our full wilderness restoration.

This important Dismantlement means, quite simply, restoring wild animals to their proper status by restoring their wildness.
To do this, we have to dismantle the zoo - figuratively and literally - by creating wildlife reserves, not of mere tens or hundreds of square miles, but of thousands and hundreds of thousands of square miles - in every climate band north and south of the equator. And not just in the world's most remote countries, but also in the most developed ones.

Human beings do not have to be excluded from Nature and the global zoological zones. Those who have the desire and the commitment, and can qualify by some sort of test that their motives are not exploitive, should be able to live in ecologically sustainable communities -- or even by themselves (your Daniel Boone types) -- within the natural environments created by dismantling the zoo.

There can be natural parks for people as well as animals. People such as the Bushmen of Africa should be allowed to continue their traditional lifestyle (given the option, of course, to move away to the 'civilized' world if they do not enjoy this life -- the key to that being 'move away' and not try to transform the area they are living in). Also Eskimos, American Plains Indians, rain forest pygmies, desert nomads, and so on. [bonsai] Let them live traditional lives, which includes killing animals and indulging in slash-and-burn agriculture -- as long as their activities can be sustained by the environment. With limited population density, this is certainly feasible and ethical, and contributes to human diversity, which is essential to the well-being of humanity in general.

General health and welfare care MUST be provided to alleviate disease, starvation, and natural disaster, but it should NOT be 'administered' as the term is understood by government agencies, such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the USA. That has been an exploitive disaster, contributing to poverty, alcoholism, disease, and cultural degeneration among the Amerindians ever since it was devised as the solution to the Native American 'problem' in the 19th Century.

The new reservation areas under a Dismantlement policy are not to be backwaters where outcasts of society are to be dumped and hidden from the public. Citizenship in these areas is to be totally voluntary. They are to be regarded as 'countries' in the same sense as any political entity, and that includes the right to self-determination and to be left alone where their lifestyle does not violate Dismantlement aims.

That brings up the human nature factor - because Dismantlement does not believe in coercion - but some activities of so-called primitive people are repugnant to most people. Head-hunting or cannibalism, for example. As part of Self-Dismantlement, we must be prepared to tolerate such things. No doubt some groups, especially the churches, will object on religious grounds and try to subvert and missionize wherever they can. Well, let them so long as they do not impose any LAWS. Primitive societies all had their own enforcement mechanisms to control anti-social behavior (whether we, as Westerners, believed in their morality or not). Let the 'tribes' police themselves, and if that involves ritual murder or witch hunts, so be it.

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In the beginning, these reservations will be rather contrived in that their boundaries will be drawn up on maps and their inviolability maintained by heavy policing. But as the demand for land for humans decreases as a result of dismantling the global population, then the reservations will take on a more 'liquid', more natural and less man-made aspect. We will no longer have to fight Nature for land as we have been doing since 'The Builder's' birth at the beginning of the industrial revolution.

HOW all the above is to be achieved is now open to discussion and suggestion. If we agree on the PRINCIPLE, the answers will surely come.

Two decades ago, massive environmental destruction and loss of species began on an unprecedented scale. It's NOT too late to reverse the process. All we have to do is reverse.

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*What proportion of your country's area is given over to wildlife sanctuaries? Are you home for any endangered species? If so, what is your government doing to protect them? Can you identify potential wildlife sanctuaries - on the scale we're advocating - in your country? On a more issue-specific tone, can you think of any way to halt the trade in ivory, rhino horns, tiger glands, and all those other aberrations that require the taking of such large lives for such small gains?



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