The Dismantlement concept of REVERSING time.


The biggest obstacle to Dismantlement is the forward momentum we've built up over the past two and a half centuries. How do you stop the two billion stampeding people of the developed countries* in their tracks, calmly turn them all around and trot them off in the opposite direction when all they know is forward? How do you convince them that, far from being retrogressive, it's the most forward-thinking action the human race can take at this point in our history?

That's the job that faces us now.

*The concept of Dismantlement is of no more interest or use to the teeming billions in the developing world than a photograph of their next meal would be. And yet they depend on what Dismantlement can bring them as much as we do.

What Dismantlement is NOT

In the words of Mikhail Gorbachev, "If we do not learn to live in harmony with nature, we shall make our own lives hopeless and we shall eventually jeopardise our own existence."

To make Dismantlement work - to make it a credible force - it has to remain apolitical, non-religious, and unaffiliated. It has to be everywhere, like air. Like the World Wide Web.

The debate, exploration and outline planning of Dismantlement will take place on this site in the Office of Dismantlement. Our aim is to provide the chassis, ignition and steering of the Dismantlement machine. Building the engine is the job of the politicians, scientists, industrialists, engineers, teachers... and bonsai gardeners.

Dismantlement has everyone's interests at heart. And when we say everyone, we're drawing a line from you straight through to your descendants in the year 2250.

To make sense of Dismantlement, you have to look way beyond your own lifetime...

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We are under no delusions as to the difficulties environmental movements in general and ours in particular (being restricted to the very exclusive medium of the internet) have in effecting change in the world. If everyone who could access this website did access this website, we'd still only be reaching a small minority of people on the planet. On the plus side, most of the world's decision makers would be included in that minority.

Every little bit helps, and we will continue, with your input, to do what we can to influence those decision makers.

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