Imagine being able to live your life in TWO HALVES, repairing in the second half the people and places you insulted, hurt, defaced, defiled, damaged or destroyed in the first half.

Obviously, no individual can physically retrace their steps fulfilling this brief, BUT A COLLECTIVE FORM OF THE SAME PROCESS IS POSSIBLE.

If you treat all of humanity as one person, grant a lifespan of five hundred years and call this - today - the halfway mark, then our subject, whom we'll call 'The Builder', will have been born in the middle of the Eighteenth Century ... roughly the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

For 250 years, The Builder has been charging forward with blind invention - incredibly intelligent on the one hand and grossly insensitive, careless and irresponsible on the other. Now that our imaginary mid-way line has been reached, we're calling on The Builder - calling on you - to begin dismantling those rooms in the building which are dangerous to their inhabitants... rooms built without planning permission from the planet and without consideration to future generations.

 [Bonsai tree]

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