The Dismantlement Philosophy

The planet Earth is out of control, thanks entirely to her dominant species, homo sapiens. The world population is already four or five times above the planet's natural ability to feed it; the oceans are dying; the Earth's protective 'skin', the ozone layer, is wearing dangerously thin; global warming looms like the Grim Reaper before us...

Today, we have a choice: Let the garden grow wild; let human nature/greed take its course, or use our brain power - that most remarkable yet most misused of tools - to exert control over where we're heading and to avoid needless suffering in the future.

Why we've used the bonsai tree for our logo

 [bonsai tree]

Look on the bonsai tree as the world. With Dismantlement, we are attempting to shape our destiny by controlling our expansion and keeping it within the bounds of our growing tray, the Earth. As in the art of bonsai, we do this through cutting, pruning, wiring and careful tending.

Dismantlement is all about containing ourselves
without losing our shape; about restricting our outward growth
without curbing our inner development.

 [Bonsai tree]

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