'The Flatman Compendium' was published in book form in 1976.
Yet most of the issues depicted in these pages are just as relevant today
as they were 36 years ago.


Flatman is the result of people putting chemicals into marmalade which tasted better before. Also of fly-by-night characters digging around in Snowdonia National Park for a quick buck; breweries tarting up their pubs, which shouldn't be theirs in the first place, to look like amusement arcades; seabirds in oil; the conversion of the QE2's library into a casino; the conversion of animals into fur coats and candles; the conversion of just about everything into money.

This website doesn't attempt to explain the mentality of those responsible, but I can tell you roughly what they look like:

 [Gold cufflinks etc.]

These web pages aren't so much dedicated to, as pointed at, Flatmen everywhere.

- Chris James           

Copyright© 1976-2012 Chris James.

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