Picture a fleet of ten 100-seater buses as being the earth.

Today, they're all full.

  • It took a hundred and fifty thousand years, from the appearance of modern man up to the year 5000 BC to fill just the first two seats of the first bus.
  • By the time of Christ, this had doubled to four seats.
  • Fifteen centuries later, when Colombus 'discovered' America, eighty seats were occupied - and remember, we're still on our first bus.
  • By the time of the Industrial Revolution and the birth of our 'Builder', the world's population had doubled to one and a half bus-loads.
  • At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were still only three buses partially occupied. Two hundred and forty seats out of a thousand.
  • Since then, in just four generations, the population has doubled twice - to five full buses, then ten. Every last seat on every last bus is now taken. In under fifty years' time, there will be two people fighting for every seat.

Not only is our fleet of buses full as of today, but it was really only built to carry 150 people comfortably at the most. Each person needs at least seven seats - four to stretch out on at night and the other three for their food, work, recreation. When a real bus is full, you can simply choose not to get on it. When you're talking about the earth, though - our metaphorical bus, you're already on it and there's nowhere else to go.

'Go Forth And Multiply' was written when we had twenty times fewer people in the world than we've got today. The realities of life demand a change of attitude, not only in our religious leaders, but in ourselves.

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