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Launched December 1997
World population fast approaching 7 billion
50 million acres of rainforest (the size of the UK) destroyed annually
                  The only way we'll put the planet back together is by dismantling the world

 [young oak tree] Our goal: to achieve the same population level, and comparable quality of air and water, green space, forestation and wilderness by the year 2250 as we had in 1750.

To slowly and methodically take apart over the next 250 years those aspects of our growth over the past 250 years which have become detrimental to the planet, and are actually beginning to threaten life.

We are now at the half-way point. The point of must return.

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The 'hidden logs' being thrown on the fire of global warming

June 2007

According to the Oxford-based Global Canopy Programme, deforestation releases as much C02 into the atmosphere in just 24 hours as 8 million people flying from London to New York.

The fastest and cheapest solution to climate change is to stop the loggers.

As long as there’s no income to be derived from the standing forest, it’s the trees that will take the hit. In Europe, farmers are paid ‘set aside’ subsidies to leave their land unused and there should be a global undertaking to pay Indonesia, Brazil, and the countries of the Congo basin to set aside their rainforests.

With an area of rainforest the size of the UK being burnt annually, the urgency is obvious.


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Dismantling the Population
Dismantling the Zoo
Dismantling the Chimney
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Dismantling the Ego
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Dismantling the City
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NEW! Dismantling the Myth

Dismantlement doesn't mean destruction. It means reconstruction. It means assessing what needs to be changed in order to improve and preserve life on earth, and then making those changes.

There's no question as to the decision we have to make at this crucial point in our evolution, especially in light of the abysmal failures of both the New York Earth Summit and the Kyoto Conference on Climate Control to agree on the required agendas for action.

The answer's so simple, most intelligent people will have already logically considered it. But its implementation is so complex and problematical that they'll have just as easily - but without logic - dismissed it.

You'd think every acid dead tree, every failed harvest, every grain of new desert, every teenage heroin death would alert us to the juggernaut careering towards us. Instead of taking avoiding action, we just seem to hold our hands up in surrender.

Like rabbits caught in the headlights, we don't know where to go.
The priests and prophets have had their day. It's time to send in the plumbers.

The way ahead is behind us

Introducing Flatman.
He's the biggest threat to life in
the history of the world and we can't
do a thing about him. Check him out here.